So Long, Summer of 2012

As we end the Summer of 2012, we all noticed that things didn’t turn as sour as predicted for Irvine. Inventory is at its lowest, hitting new lows with every passing month. Mortgage rates have followed the same trend, hitting the lowest of the lows and promising to stay so for a while to aid recovery. What will this mean to Irvine market in future, we are not sure.

Kool-aid again?

Here is the Condos Price/ SF chart for the past year in the zip code 92602:

Here is a relisted property in West Irvine, one of the few areas in Irvine that saw a huge swing in listing and sale prices in the past year.

117 Sapphire, Irvine CA 92602

Listing Price: $470,000

Beds/ Bath: 3 Bedrooms/ 2.5 Baths

Area: 1500 SF

Previous Sale Price: $313,000 in March 2002

Previous List Price: $495,000 in Summer of 2012

Monthly Expenses:

HOA Dues: $225/month

Property tax: $415/month

Mello Roos: $70

Mortgage at 3.25 per month: $1636

Fixed Monthly Expenses: $2346

Here is a brief sales history for Mandeville houses in 2012:

01/19 163 Topaz $274/SF

02/17 97 Sapphire $244/SF

03/31 109 Sapphire $290/SF

04/05 103 Sapphire $255/SF

04/13 161 Topaz $260/SF

04/13 65 Sapphire $258/SF

04/25 92 Topaz $233/SF – Lowest

05/16 33 Moonstone $286/SF

06/04 63 Sapphire $260/SF

08/31 19 Moonstone $253/SF

09/13 1 Moonstone $317/SF – Highest

06/27 56 Sapphire $303/SF

07/17 149 Topaz $271/SF

Now sales pending:

9 Moonstone with the list price of $317/SF

75 Sapphire with a list price of $260/SF

Comparable condominium from the Village of Northwood in Irvine:

Here is the Listing Price/ Sold Price graph for Northwood condos (92620):

425 Ridgeway, Irvine CA 92620:

Listing Price: $499,000

Bedrooms/ Bathrooms: 3 Beds/ 2.5 Baths

Area: 1481 SF

Price/ SF: $337

Monthly expenses:

HOA Dues: $284/Month

Property Tax: $440/ Month

Mello Roos: $117/Month

Mortgage (3.25): $1736

Fixed Monthly Expenses: $2577

Would you buy now, or wait for the temporary low interest rate frenzy to subside?

Do these houses make a good investment property?

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