Not on the MLS, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, Ocean Close condo in the Windrift tract of Beacon Hill

Well located one bedroom one bathroom completely upgraded first level condo with no steps and a large patio in Laguna Niguel, less than 2 miles to the beach. Latest model match comp sold for $212,000. This property is available for $189,000. If you are interested, contact Shevy at

2 thoughts on “Not on the MLS, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, Ocean Close condo in the Windrift tract of Beacon Hill

  1. Shevy

    Price Check;
    Thanks for your research and for adding information regarding this property. I represented the buyer on 95 Dover, it was missing flooring, not financeable, had a slab leak that has since been repaired. The latest comparable sales in Windrift that did not have a slab leak, were financeable, and were not gutted are below.

    In addition, it’s important to note that there are two sections of Windrift that are relatively separate and split by Ridgeway Avenue, for those familiar with Irvine but not Laguna Niguel, it’s similar to the split between the inner and outer loop of Woodbridge by Yale. The Campton tract is closer to Niguel Road and on the other side of Ridgeway and the Dover tract is the one further from Niguel Road. There are a handful of other tracts throughout Orange County that have similar characteristics to this. Normally, in these types of tracts are separated and classified into two separate tracts, and named separately, ie. Windrift I and Windrift II.

    That said, if you are considering buying a property in the Dover section, you should still take that comparable sale, comparable sales completely outside of either section into consideration given the lack recent comparable sales, and also consider other factors.

    Ultimately, this tract is relatively challenging to value, given there have been no direct comparable sales in the past 10 months. In my opinion, a buyer for a property in this tract will be best served looking outside of the tract and it will be interesting to see how buyers and appraisers value this property given the lack of direct comparable sales.

    Dover Section away from Niguel Road
    S624897 65 Dover Pl 65 $212,000 10/01/2010
    S591580 31 Dover Pl $208,000 4/20/2010

    The property that I represented the buyer for on 95 Dover that was not financeable for $113,000

    Campton Section Closer to Niguel Road on the other side of Ridgeway Ave.

    S621226 38 Campton Pl $178,000 11/25/2010

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