Jungle Love

We are the Irvine Housing Blog. I know we have all been enjoying the failed flips and ridiculous asking prices, but there is much more to see in our housing market. I came across this property in my perusing the market, and I thought you might find it interesting.

As you may have noticed, music and video tends to pop into my head while writing these posts…

Jungle love its drivin me mad

Its makin me crazy

Steve Miller – Jungle Love

Fixer Upper

Price: $659,900


Irvine, CA 92604

Beds: 4

Baths: 2

Sq. Ft.: 1,400

Lot Sq. Ft.: 5,500

Year Built: 1971

Stories: 1

Type: Single Family Residence

County: Orange

Neighborhood: El Camino Real

$/Sq. Ft.: $471

MLS#: S484245

Status: Active on market

On Redfin: 49 days


“SECLUDED, very PRIVATE location at end of cul-de-sac on single-loaded street. New carpet. One bedroom being used as den. Needs some TLC, but great deal with no HOA and no Mello-Roos. Family room was an add-on”



  • I would start with a weed whacker.
  • I suspect it hasn’t been painted recently.
  • Secluded? Yep. Private? Yep. Jungle? Yep.
  • No HOA. No kidding!
  • Is that the house or a shed?

What is your reaction?

19 thoughts on “Jungle Love

  1. Sue

    How does the property tax work? If you bought a place like this, could you fix the tax at the before demotion & rebuild price?

  2. sunsetbeachguy

    No, if you pull a building permit, you are subject to tax assessor re-valuation.

    There has been a bunch of remodels that pushed the limit with regard to permits to preserve the original Prop 13 tax basis.

    When times get tough for local government you can be sure they will look at these extensive remodels for additional revenue and penalties.

  3. Adam Smith

    Wow, I had no idea kudzu has spread so far West! All you need is a gap-toothed kid playing banjo on the porch, a few fireflies, a swap in the back, and you’re now South of the Mason/Dixon line…

  4. Justin

    I wonder at what point this would be considered an “Earth home” or a “Green home”. Those dwellings covered by plant or earth are actually zoned differently and have a difference set of risks and lending standards… I guess it’s nothing a weedwacker couldn’t fix 🙂

  5. Lost Cause

    At night, while your sleein’, Poison Ivy comes a creepin’ a-round.

    Poison Ivy, Poison Ivy….

  6. Lost Cause

    It looks like it is a topiary house! Disneyland is Orange County, and Orange County is Disneyland!

  7. No_Such_Reality

    Four would be tough, but I saw some nice 3/2s this weekend at just under 1300 sf. When it’s laid out well and unnecessary walls have been removed, 1300 provide quite a bit of space.

    One of things I always notice is how much space is wasted in the ‘master suite’ in the new homes. Shower, oval tub, huge empty floor space in the bathroom, two sinks (needed), but with four or more feet between them. I giant walk in closet. And then the bedroom itself big enough for a oversized king, two oversized end tables, an oversized side chest, an oversized armoire and a oversized “bench” at the foot of the bed with four feet between them.

    The kicker, not big enough to be an actual sitting relaxing area seperate from the bed, just big enough to accomodate a bunch of oversized furniture to make it feel small again.

  8. oc_fliptrack

    This is fantastic! CO2 eaters which insulate the home. I should patent this. Or something.

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