Irvine's Windwood

Irvine is full of neighborhoods both big and small. One of the relatively unknown small neighborhoods of Irvine is Windwood.

Windwood Map

The neighborhood of Windwood is bounded by Culver Drive, Irvine Center Drive, Harvard Avenue and the railroad tracks. It is really a transitional neighborhood buffering what was the Tustin air base from the residential core of Irvine. It is too small to have a wide variety or products, and its proximity to the railroad tracks and the large Culver Plaza commercial center made it an ideal location for high-density condos and apartments.

Windwood Apartments

One of the apartment complexes is Windwood Glen. This complex has 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats. There are no garages or in-unit laundry facilities.

Windwood Park 1

Another complex is Windwood Knoll. This complex has 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats and townhomes larger than Windwood Glen. There are no garages or in-unit laundry facilities.

Windwood Townhomes

An ownership community called Windwood Townhomes.

Windwood House 1

There is also a neighborhood of single-family detached condos.

Windwood House 2

This one is attractive and well kept.

Windwood Park 2

The park facilities are very good. There were plenty of children at the park, probably due to its proximity to the apartment complexes.

Windwood Park 3

Windwood even has its own tennis center.

Windwood Park 4

There is one of those multi-stop exercise pathways weaving through the community.

Windwood Park 5

The real hidden gem in Windwood is Flagstone Park. It is a large green, open space behind the housing against the railroad tracks.

Windwood Park 6

As you can see, you can have a large open lawn all to yourself.

Windwood Park 7

There is also a bike trail along the railroad tracks.

Windwood Park 8

The walking trail inside the community is wide and winding.

Windwood Street

There is an unusually sharp turn in the main collector street, Deerfield Drive. Sometimes it is sharper than drivers realize. The planners of Irvine have made mistakes.

Windwood Culver Plaza 1

One of the best features of Windwood is Culver Plaza.

Windwood Culver Plaza 2

The newly renovated food court has a selection of fast food outlets and a coffee shop (the recipe for a successful urban plaza).

Windwood Culver Plaza 3

The landscaping separates the eating area from the parking lot.

Windwood Culver Plaza 4

There is a definite Asian influence at this plaza with several of the business names reflecting a tie to the orient.

Windwood Culver Plaza 5

The Sam Woo Restaurant.

Windwood Sign 2

Windwood will probably not attain the notoriety of other neighborhoods in Irvine, but it has something unique to offer its residents. The preponderance of transitional housing will mean few people will identify with the community and consider it their “home,” but its vibrant commercial center and well-maintained facilities make for a comfortable existence.

Irvine’s Windwood: A great place to live.

13 thoughts on “Irvine's Windwood

  1. ockurt

    Irvine Renter, I’m amazed by the amount of knowledge you have about all these Irvine communities. It’s fun to read about all the different communities in the city. You must work for the Irvine Company… 🙂

    P.S. In Culver Plaza is this great restaurant called Koki’s…teppan and sushi…good quality and reasonable prices…say hi to Endo at the sushi bar!!!

  2. IrvineRenter

    I am glad you are enjoying the posts.

    Growing up I used to explore the neighborhoods near mine on my bike just for the adventure of it (not in Irvine). When I was in high school (also in a different area), I used to deliver pizzas. I knew everything about the geography of that town. I guess I have always enjoyed knowing the “lay of the land.” In college I studied urban planning as part of my degree program, so Irvine was one of the communities frequently referenced in textbooks. When I moved here 4 years ago, my lifelong fascination with geography combined with my interest in urban planning made getting to know Irvine a hobby of mine. I have learned much of what I know about Irvine by just driving around and taking pictures with a critically trained eye of an urban planner. Having lived here for such a short time, I don’t consider myself an expert on Irvine, but I am learning.

  3. CalGal

    Thanks, IrvineRenter, for all your great posts. You put the perfect amount of information in your posts to educate us without overwelming us. You make it look easy – but I’m sure it is time consuming to create the posts. I’m glad you enjoy creating the posts, as we all enjoy reading them. Thanks again!

  4. Irvine Soul Brother

    Thanks IR! I’m loving just finding out more about the lay of the land in Irvine, and your reports are so thorough and engaging. I’ll be working this summer near Windwood, back working in Irvine after 8 years, so it’s grea to find out more! Thanks again!

  5. Justin

    These are great posts, any chance someone could do a post like this but on apartment communities in Irvine? It would be nice to see the differences in architecture and design

  6. IrvineRenter


    The Irvine Company actually does a very good job and profiling their communities. Go to:

    I have been to most of complexes in Irvine, and I have lived in 3 of them. They finally raised their rates to where it was a much better deal to rent privately.

  7. CalGal

    I agree with IrvineRenter. The Irvine Company’s (TIC) website has everything you need – and they are the monopoly in Irvine. Some of the newer places like Woodbury and Portola will have granite in the kitchen and baths, baseboards, crownmolding, tile, two-toned paint, etc.

    The older complexes will be as basic as you can get. They will have fake wood flooring, linoleum, all white paint, no moldings, and the best – white tile (otherwise refered to as “White Italian Porcelain” by some realtors).

    One thing to make note of: the TIC now has 3 bedroom units; however, I believe they eliminate a garage to make up the square footage. I guess it all depends on what you want/need. If you have the time to look, try and find a house rental. I think you’ll get more for your money. You’ll get even more for your money if you go to Tustin or other areas outside of Irvine (except Newport Beach).

  8. Major Schadenfreude

    Another fine post IR! These community features highlight nuances of urban planning I never knew existed. I’m developing a sharper eye because of them.

    I discovered this blog about a month ago and have been eagerly reading it every day since. Its contents are a perfect mixture of education and fun.

    My two favorite posts to date are “How Inflated are House Prices?” and “The Anatomy of a Credit Bubble”. Until I read those 2 posts, I was never able to find adequate explanations as to how much houses should cost and why they are so inflated now. Since your explanations are based on fundamentals, I consequently have more confidence in my plan to wait things out a few years to see how things unfold.

    I’m not happy about being a renter in my late 30’s. During normal times I would not be one, but greed has upset the order of the day. Therefore, I derive a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment reading about failed flippers, WTF award recipients, and “carpot”-smoking realtors. Arguably too much enjoyment – I mean we’re talking Major Schadenfreude here!

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Justin

    True, the IAC website has some good pictures and stuff but it shows you only what they want you to see, its to take a professional photograph of a property at sunset and easily make it look perfect. It’s like an adult magazine, sure they look good with makeup and professional hair but how do they look when you wake up next to them 🙂

    YES it is a monopoly, but I work in Irvine/Newport, most of the other non-IAC places in Newport are too old!

  10. fumbling

    Can’t wait until you cover the high rise condo part of Irvine. We’ve been considering one of those units (but only at a significant discount from current asking prices) and lately thanks to your posts we’re also going to take a look at Orchard Hill.

  11. CalGal

    Justin, I live in the Turtle Ridge Apartment Complex. I can answer any questions you have about that complex.

  12. BGoff

    IAC has a detached apartment project. All units have an attached 2 car garage and plenty of storage. Some of the units are completely detached. The rest are all duplexes with windows on three sides allowing plenty of light and cross ventilation.

    This project won the project of the year award

    Some consider this award similar to the oscar for architects and planner.

    The designer was responsible for other projects like Aldea, Cortile, Bowen Court and Mericourt. At the peak of his career he departed the firm that he helped to shape the Irvine Ranch. He introduced the detached condo concept in Irvine.

    He also created the architectural formula for Shady Canyon and the land plan concept for the Crystal Cove. Many of the homes that we see on the Ranch were his creation like the Shady Canyon Villas.

    His whereabout is unknown. The projects on the Ranch IMO is not as good anymore.

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