Water-Saving and Bill-Reduction Tips from IRWD

With the last 12 months being exceptionally dry, the U.S. Drought Monitor states that almost 95 percent of California is in some level of drought. And Bill Patzert, a climatologist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, states that rainfall in the Los Angeles area has been below average for seven of the last ten years. In addition, Jeanine Jones with the Department of Water Resources states that the rainfall forecast for the state is not encouraging.

Fortunately, the Irvine Ranch Water District is not currently raising a water-shortage alarm. This is due in large part to the IRWDs diversified water portfolio (http://www.irwd.com/liquid-news/diverse-water-portolio-protects-irwd-customers-from-water-supply-disruption). However, IRWD does advocate for homeowner water conservation. Not only will this help to stretch our valuable water supply, it will also help the homeowner save money.

Here is how IRWD breaks it down:

How much can you $ave? Estimated Water $avings
Water only when necessary 1,100 gallons per irrigation cycle

Water before 8am 25 gallons per day
Check for sprinkler leaks, overspray & broken sprinker heads 500 gallons per month
Use a water saving hose nozzle up to 7,500 gallons per year
Use a broom, not a hose, to clean driveways and sidewalks up to 150 gallons each time
Install a smart sprinkler irrigation controller up to 40 gallons per irrigation cycle
Place organic mulch in your garden hundreds of gallons per year
Replace thirsty plants with California Friendly plants hundreds of gallons per year

To help you reduce your water use, IRWD provides some additional tips for both outside and indoor water use. You will also find some rebate information in the links.