A Look Inside the City of Irvine: Fall Events and Activities

A city is more than a collection of houses, condos, apartments and businesses. It is also a community in which the residents are connected in numerous ways. One of these connections is the activities that are available. And as shown by the fall edition of Inside Irvine, Irvine has many. Inside Irvine contains information on upcoming special events, a catalog of class that residents and non-residents can register for, and a message from the city manager.

Some of the upcoming events that help to connect Irvine residents are the Northwood Community Park reopening ceremonies, which will highlight the new LEED-certified features, updated amenities intended to serve multi-generations, the Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial, and Irvine’s agricultural history; the Global Village Festival, the city’s annual festival which features numerous multicultural activities, foods, entertainment, crafts, and exhibits—and is attempting to become a zero waste event; the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon, which will feature a display at the Orange County Great Park of energy-efficient homes built by teams from national and international colleges as well as an XPO highlighting visionary businesses, products, and educational opportunities.

Do you see a trend here? Yes, all these events have sustainability aspects. Perhaps I’ll write more on that in some future posts, but for now, on to a look at the classes that will be available in the fall.

To view the fall classes that are available for registration, see the online catalog of classes. And for an online look at all the information included in the fall issue of Inside Irvine including the city manager’s message, click on the links below. Note that you can also pick up a hardcopy of Inside Irvine at City of Irvine facilities such as city hall and Irvine libraries.

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