Irvine Housing Overview: May 2013

According to Altos Research, the Market Action Index (MAI) for Irvine’s single-family housing market is 45.84. So as defined by Altos, the Irvine single-family housing market is, as it has been most of this year, a seller’s market. (Above 30 is defined as a seller’s market; below is defined as a buyer’s market.) Altos also states that the average single-family home in Irvine has been on the market for about 91 days as of May31, 2013.

Following is Irvine’s May 2013 housing market data provided by Redfin.

Type List Price/# Homes Listed Sold Price/# Homes Sold List Per SF Sold Per SF % Chg Y-O-Y Sold Price/SF
13-May $1,030/167 $890/113 $457 $411 21.60%
13-Apr n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
13-Mar $1,020K/101 $904K/62 $443 $381 13.40%
13-Feb na/109 na/272 $415 $354 n/a
13-Jan na/113 na/274 $409 $357 n/a
13-May $599K/177 $539K/144 $406 $386 30.40%
13-Apr n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
13-Mar $570K/111 $476K/88 $375 $344 21.60%
13-Feb na/100 na/301 $369 $325 n/a
13-Jan na/106 na/324 $377 $327 n/a
13-May $750K/371 $659K/274 $416 $393 26.80%
13-Apr n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
13-Mar $703K/219 $588K/151 $392 $359 18.90%
13-Feb na/209 na/573 $389 $334 n/a
13-Jan na/219 na/598 $389 $338 n/a