Closed Sales from 2/02/2012 to 2/08/2012

Date Sold Address Zip Tract Sold Price Beds


2/2/2012 79 Lakepines 92620 The Lakes $169,000 1 934
2/3/2012 42 Van Buren 92620 Horizon $292,000 2 1052
2/8/2012 18 Longstreet 92620 Shadow Run $620,000 4 2077
Oak Creek
2/2/2012 6 Redberry 92618 Cypress $570,000 3 1750
2/7/2012 66 Ivywood 92618 Kelsey Lane $749,000 4 2386
Orange Tree
2/7/2012 349 Orange Blossom 92618 Lake Condos $160,000 1 639
Turtle Ridge
2/3/2012 35 Clouds Pt 92603 Amberhill $1,980,000 3 3100
University Town Center
2/2/2012 57 Wellesley 92612 Cambridge Court $384,500 2 1455
West Irvine
2/4/2012 15 Emory 92602 Andover $415,000 3 1498
2/8/2012 17 Bradford 92602 Sheridan Place $450,000 3 1569
2/3/2012 18 Del Azul 92614 Borgatta $455,000 2 1139
2/6/2012 17 Del Roma 92614 Borgatta $580,000 3 1762
2/7/2012 1502 Solvay Aisle 92606 Brio $350,000 2 1028
2/3/2012 3 Winterhaven 92614 Seasons $399,000 3 1117
2/3/2012 2 Iceberg Rose 92620 Bowen Court $282,000 1 1100

Happy Birthday Zovall!

11 thoughts on “Closed Sales from 2/02/2012 to 2/08/2012

      1. Qstothepm

        Can you include Laguna Altura on your list? I’m trying to find any sales data for there but cannot. Great site, thanks!

        1. zovall

          We are only able to get sales listed in MLS. The new home sales, like Laguna Altura, mostly aren’t listed on MLS so it is harder to get that information. Sometimes the builders will list their new homes on MLS and when those close, they are included on this list.

          You might have luck inquiring about Laguna Altura sales over here at Talk Irvine where we have a number of members who like tracking these things: [][/url]

  1. witin4ever

    Excellent info. Specially of interest to me is the oak creek listing of 6 redberry. I have been watching oak creek listing for many years. This specific plan was selling at 650K’ish less than a year back. Surprised to see a 15% haircut. Unless something was really wrong with the house (doesn’t look so in pictures) its a big correction. I guess the much talked about big price drop is happening right now??!!

    1. zovall

      We visited this house (6 Redberry) and it was in decent shape and had a good sized yard – although you hear hear noise from the street behind it. It does have a shared driveway which isn’t seen from the pictures but can be seen via Google Maps.

      When we visited, I think the price had been lowered to a range of $599-$610k and we were told that they had received an offer for ~$595k but rejected it. So I was also surprised to see it close at $570k.

      I like the Plan 2 and Plan 4s in this tract (Cypress).

      1. irvine_home_owner

        So interesting that they could fit multiple downstairs living areas in homes 2000sft or less but can’t do that now on homes 2500sft+.

        I’m worried about the evolution path of Irvine homes.

        3-car wide garages
        Formal dining
        Formal living room
        Large backyards

        Any Backyard

        Happy Birthday zovall!

        1. witin4ever

          As BK would say. They went from 1750 sq ft to 2500sq ft by hitting the zoom button rather than planning the utilization of the extra sq footage.

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