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1. Preface & Introduction
2. What Is a Bubble?
3. Conservative House Financing – Part 1
4. Conservative House Financing – Part 2
5. Fundamental Valuation of Houses – Part 1
6. Fundamental Valuation of Houses – Part 2
7. Valuation of Lots and Raw Land
8. The Credit Bubble
9. The Housing Bubble – Part 1
10. The Housing Bubble – Part 2
11. Bubble Market Psychology – Part 1
12. Bubble Market Psychology – Part 2
13. Future House Prices – Part 1
14. Future House Prices – Part 2
15. Buying and Selling During a Decline
16. Preventing the Next Housing Bubble

Great Housing Bubble is a detailed analysis of the psychological and
mechanical causes of the biggest rally, and subsequent fall, of housing
prices ever recorded. This book examines the causes of the breathtaking
rise in prices and the catastrophic fall that ensued to answer the
question on every homeowner’s mind: “Why did house prices fall?”

If you are
familiar with the Irvine Housing Blog and my writing, then you know
that I publicly called the top of the housing bubble when few believed
there was a problem. Typically, when you ask a real estate agent what
is happening with the market, they will tell you prices are going up
and that you should buy now. Most are not capable of properly analyzing
a real estate market, and even among those that can foresee problems,
most will not tell you if there is a problem because they want to make
a sale and generate a commission.

By accurately predicting the
collapse of real estate prices and authoring the book on how and why it
happened, I have established my knowledge in this area. By spending
several years pleading with people not to buy real estate for financial
reasons, I have proven my willingness to tell the truth come what may.

this book, and you will have a much greater understanding of how real
estate markets work. It will help you be prepared to make brave
financial decisions and understand the folly that caused the suffering
of so many. Given the importance of the financial decision to buy a
home, you owe it to yourself to learn as much as possible about how
real estate markets really work. Far too many learned their lessons
they hard way.

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