Buyer Seeks Seller

Buyer seeks seller

Property type: Detached SFR
Square footage: 3000 square feet or more
Bedrooms: 4 or more
Bathrooms: 3 or more
Preferred enclaves in preference order: (1) Turtle Ridge, (2) Quail Hill, (3) Turtle Rock, or (4) Woodbridge
Specifications: (1) View or extremely well landscaped yard (similar to 111 Nighthawk), (2) Move-in ready, and (3) Plenty of natural light.
Price: 1.5 million or below — buyer is willing to pay fair market value based upon comparable properties
Sample properties:
1) 30 Canyon Terrace 2) 37 Tall Hedge 3) 37 Hedgerow 4) 111 Nighthawk

If you have a property meeting these specifications you would like to sell, please contact Shevy Akason at Evergreen Realty (949) 769.1599

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