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  1. NoWow!way

    Here’s a comment from one person at the end of the article about the forclosure show:

    “The reality is that Florida once again is a investor dream for the foreclosure market..homes that were selling for $1.2M can’t be given away for $700K..the $700K homes behind the precious gates filled with people who wanted to keep themselves from a certain kind..are now finding themselves looking at those kind of people moving in for a bargain of $450K…I don’t blame people for taking advantage of the market..that is why they call them INVESTORS..and banks are finally willing to start DUMPING the inventory at bottom prices..and seller are short selling their lives away..”

  2. NoWow!way

    Good articles. From the California Screaming one:

    The point is that the real estate market is murky, not liquid and fast-moving like, for example, the S&P;500. It will be hard to spot the bottom when you get there. “People ask me how they’ll know when its okay to get back in,” says Thornberg. “Simple. When prices stop falling for six months.”

  3. Kirk

    [From: Sales of foreclosures are on the rise – Edited for hilarity]

    Kirby Palmer, a clinical social worker who owns a home in Claremont, decided to buy an REO house in northern Rialto in January to flip as part of his retirement strategy.

    The lender required a 10% down payment, as well as six months’ worth of mortgage payments and the construction costs upfront at 13% interest for a six-month loan.

    All told, he put up $64,000 on a $238,000 house.

    The property had been stripped of all copper wiring and the air-conditioning unit.

    “I went in the first day with my sons and had to kick out a squatter,” Palmer said.

    He put it back on the market at $349,000 in March but has had no offers yet.

    “If it doesn’t sell, I can rent it out and wait for the market to bounce back,” he said. “It’s not a huge risk.”

  4. Brian Morin

    From the California Screaming link:
    ‘Manley won’t slash his price, he says, “out of respect for the neighborhood.”‘

    How long until that crap stops? No wonder it takes so long for price discovery.

    1. Headless Unicorn Guy

      What happens when “the neighborhood” becomes Little Tijuana plus squatters?

  5. granite

    From Sales of foreclosures are on the rise.

    “We’re seeing as many as 35 offers on a piece of property now in Fontana”

    Confirmation that we have more to go.

  6. andrew wise

    We’ve put together a collection of foreclosure help blogs started by people that are actually facing foreclosure now, and they’ve found some pretty ingenious ways of pulling through and surviving –truly inspiring.

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