IHB Upgrade Planned for Saturday, April 5th

Yup, IHB is growing up! In order to add more features in the future, we’ve decided to upgrade the site. We’re planning for the upgrade to take place next Saturday (4/5/08). During the upgrade, IHB will not be accessible. The estimate is for ~4 hours of downtime that day.

The plan is to move as much content as possible to the new system. Your existing forum username/password will continue to work. One item to note is that Forum Whispers will not be part of the migration. So if you have any important info in your Whispers, please copy it out before next Saturday.

We’d like IHB to be a resource for all things related to Irvine Housing. If you have ideas for how IHB can be more useful, please send them in. If you are a Real Estate Agent or work in New Home Sales, we’d love to hear from you too.

8 thoughts on “IHB Upgrade Planned for Saturday, April 5th

  1. irvine123


    thank you and others for having this wonderful site.

    I would like to suggest that site automatically display the latest entry on each forum at the beginning, instead of the current format which the latest entry buried at the very bottom. This feature especially is usefully for those who like to access via their handhold device i.e. iphone or blackberry.

  2. george8

    Thank you for making a great blog greater.

    I wonder if it is feasible to be able to reply a followup comment right from the reply function of e-mail?

  3. soapboxpolitico

    Great idea! Simple but excessively useful! I took occassionally access the blog from my iPhone and scrolling can be a real bear … but we suffer for our desires. Right? 😀

  4. ex-tangelo

    I hope that posting web links will be improved. I’ve tried to show references in a lot of my comments; but half the time the post will just not appear if the post has any html in it.

  5. zovall

    Interesting idea. Unfortunately, seeing messages in that order doesn’t seem intuitive to me. But I do understand what you are saying about viewing these things on a handheld device. Might be cool if the viewed was customized based on the device accessing it – not sure how possible that is though..

  6. zovall

    I’ve checked and have not come across a plugin to do this. If something is developed, I would definitely consider implementing it.

  7. zovall

    The spam filter on the current software gets picky when there are links in the comments. But it does a good job of keeping out the majority of spam.

    The new software will use CAPTCHAs to avoid spam and should be more lenient in regards to the content that is allowed.

    If this method doesn’t work out, we may have to go back to using a spam filter.

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