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52 thoughts on “Home Sales Data thru 11-5-2007

  1. mark

    Liz, in response to your comment yesterday – “What I don’t understand is why they picked on me.”

    Ask yourself why you chose to place “lawyer” in your screen name. Do you see any other commenters placing their professions in their screen names? e.g. “InvestmentBankerBob” or “DoctorBob.” Tone is very difficult to decipher in writings, but what “lawyer” intentionally placed in a screen name suggests to me is that the person is trying to convey that their comment is somehow elevated and should be given weighted consideration. The fact that you’re a lawyer can appropriately come up frequently in your comments, but by placing it in your screen name you appear to be reminding every reader with every comment you make that “this comment is being made by a lawyer.” This may very well not have been your intent when choosing your screen name, but that’s what it communicates to me, and possibly the commenters that are abusing variations of your screen name.

    If my theory’s correct, then changing your screen name from “lawyerliz” to “liz” would likely end the unpleasant comments you’re receiving.

  2. Don from the Tanning Salon

    Mark, take a look at my screen name, and I’d say your theory just got pwned.

    More likely explanation: Trolls gotta be Trolls.

  3. Don from the Tanning Salon

    Maybe it’s just that the comments from a (screen name) lawyer carry more gravitas than the comments from a (screen name) tanning salon guy. I guess when “Dan from the Tanning Salon,” shows up, we’ll know things have changed.

  4. Irvine Soul Brother

    I let everyone know that I’m a soul brother and no one seems to bother me about it.

    Imagine the swarmy realtors in 92603 and how they’re going to spin these numbers. “Oh, we’ve seem some really strong sales in the past few weeks. It’s really turning around.”

  5. lawyerliz

    “Allergy Dr” was posting for a while, and nobody bothered him.

    Irvine Commuter has said on numerous occasions that he was a lawyer, and nobody bothered him.

    And frankly, I don’t see that being a lawyer is such a big hairy deal. There are oodles of lawyers. We trip all over each other. I didn’t think I was showing off.

    Nirvinerealtor is a realtor with no repercussions.

    I think it’s interesting that he or she hasn’t posted anything longer than 2 or 3 sentences.

    Ok, I’m dropping this now, and will make no further comment unless my doppelganger says something that I don’t want to be associated with.

  6. Graham

    First Time Poster

    Great Blog with great comments section. The true mark of a valuable blog is its active comment roll. I have been reading this blog for a while now and have much appreciated the distinct lack of trolls, flamers and communication abusers, keep up the great work.
    I read the comments section of the “Ordinary Oakdale” post and thought nothing about the names of the members, it makes no difference to me, it’s all about the content.

  7. mark

    I was suggesting introspective consideration; i.e. not why others might have chosen their screen names, but why do you think you chose yours? Seriously, give it some thought.

    People wear “advertising” to associate themselves with labels they want to share with others. e.g. Some women may carry a Louis Vuitton purse (with “LVs” all over it) attempting to demonstrate to others that they’re classy and can afford luxuries. Some men may drive a Porsche attempting to express that they’re more powerful and wealthy than you. Some people place Stanford or USC bumper stickers on their cars just to let you know that they’re better than you. And some people may use “lawyer” in their screen names to extend greater credibility to their comments.

    These are just behaviors to which I am particularly hyperconscious. So that’s my rant… And I know too many lawyers, but that may be because I’m one of ‘em.

  8. mark

    You’re absolutely right. The vast majority of comments on this blog are well-worth your time reading. There’s the occasional “this house isn’t worth $150k” comment, but most of the comments add considerable value.

  9. lawyerliz

    There was an idiot on the Miami news saying that a few weeks ago; all the realtors I know were saying he was an idiot.

    There are foreigners buying properties in the South Florida area, always have been. There are enclaves of Canadians, Germans, rich
    South Americans, rich Bahamians etc.

    There is no reason to indicate that this is stopping and some reasons to think it will pick up.

    But the scale of the disaster is an order of magnitude larger that a few extra sales from overseas. People have no understanding of how bad it is.

    My hub the weather rocket scientist actually asked me why the downturn in mtges should make the builders go under. I explained; he quickly understood. But the fact that it didn’t immediately occur to him that there was a connection. . . and being told there was one, still needing an explanation. . . well, where does that leave the average person? And then the media is all soothing instead of warning people. I guess they don’t want to believe it themselves.

  10. EvaLSeraphim

    Well, as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that if she were LawyerBill, LawyerBob, LawyerJohn, or some other male variant, she would have received far less sh!t. That women receive far more harassment on the ‘net than men is well documented.

  11. mark

    I hope my comments aren’t coming off as harassing. I appreciate Liz’s contributions to this blog. I was just trying to offer up a theory as to why others were being rude.

  12. Pianist

    My secret fantasy is to play Beethoven’s piano concerto #5 in Eb Major, Opus 73, the “Emperor” as the featured soloist with a major philharmonic orchestra. Otherwise, I’m just an amateur pianist taking lessons and practicing and playing the Adagio from the “Moonlight Sonata” and Chopin’s Nocturne in Eb Major, although, I am working on more advanced pieces. We can only dream.

  13. Pianist

    Just thought I’d throw that post in to add some levity here. Most of the posters are awesome and some of the screen names do reflect interests and achievements and certain Walter Mitty fantasies.

  14. EvaLSeraphim

    I didn’t take it that way. I thought you were honestly offering your thoughts. I was simply offering a different perspective.

  15. BerthaJean

    Not sure how many folks here pay attention to Corona, but I saw this listing on Redfin and was actually pleasantly shocked:


    My gut tells me it’s got to be a mistake. I won’t be surprised to see this house selling for 300-350K in 2 or 3 years, but not now. Maybe if it was an REO in a less desirable neighborhood, but this is a newer house in a nice established neighborhood that is a reasonable size. It’s not an REO from what I see . I would expect it to sell in the 450-500K range in the current market.

    I’m almost tempted to call the realtor to verify. If it’s not a mistake, I might actually have to make an offer.

  16. Zileas

    You know, what id REALLY like to see (and I’d guess others are curious too) is the monthly real value trend (not median, because month to month median is too spikey because a few large homes sold or whatever, this is a value normalized for size, etc), which you can calculate pretty easily. IR, drop me a mail if interested, I’d just need a MLS data dump.

  17. computerguy

    That’s funny, I didn’t realize those USC license plates were meant to claim superiority. If anything, I thought the opposite. If I were them, I’d ask for my money back!

  18. IrvineRenter

    Unfortunately, I do not have access to MLS data other than the websites like Redfin or Zip Realty and others.

  19. lawyerliz

    Gosh, EvaL is was trying not to say that. Thanks a bunch.

    The only particurlarly interesting thing is that when I went to law school there were very few women students and very few women lawyers (or drs, or architects, which my daughter is, etc.).
    And virtually no practicing women lawyers. Everybody knew the ones out there by name, they were famous due to rarity.

    Just before graduation, I had a discussion with 3 women.
    One the employers didn’t want because she was 25 and was going to get married & have kids; thus undesirable since this would take her away from legal slavery. I was 30 married, had one kid, didn’t look like I was going to have another, (which I did), so I had a kid and might have to stay home with her because she might get sick. The 3rd was in her forties married with grown up kids, married to a dr. They didn’t want her because she wasn’t going to starve no matter what, because she had the dr husband, and so didn’t have the fire in the belly they wanted.

    There are more stories, but they belong in an entirely different blog.

  20. tonye

    That’s the mascot at The Univerisity of Civics and Integras, aka UCI.

    Down the street.

    I got an Odyssey Type R and the kids are scared of me. When I had the GSR, RSX-S and a collection of Si’s they always wanted to race, but they left me alone with the Type SH. And in my TLs they ignore me because they know I’m waaaay faster.

    Besides, kids are afraid of picking on an old dude smoking a cigar. It’s the ultimate sign of self confidence and they sense it. 😉

    No clue what I’m talking about? Go google.

  21. lawyerliz

    That looks like a nice house at a reasonable price. The very first one I’ve seen on this blog. Maybe the owner died and heirs are selling cheap.

  22. lawyerliz

    Ok, you are talking cars. My son was talking about putting a racing engine in his little Civic? is it. He never did it.

    I am only interested in seeing how many miles I can squeeze out of my various Fords, and can’t even remember whether I have a Focus or a Fusion most of the time. (It’s a Fusion.)

    I don’t deserve a nice car. I eat in the car, and I can’t keep crap out of the car, and can mess it up in one day.

    I understand that guys have a car fetish, except the hub, and I recognize that it exists, but don’t understand the emotion of it at all. The hub drives a 10 year old Saturn. It only has 140,000 miles on it but he says time means something for equipment, and will have to get a new one sometime in the next few years. The ceiling fabric came down and he was too cheap to replace it so the foam is sorta drifting down. We REALLY aren’t car people. Part of the reason the mtg is paid off.

    I’d rather spend money on the garden, or expensive jewelry, or gold coins (bullion) or heck, if I really had moola to burn I’d do a tummy tuck, or travel to Europe.

    Whatever floats the boat, as long as you don’t have to take out a home equity loan to do it.

  23. tonye

    Just the other day I was playing Van Cliburn with Reiner and the Chicago Symphony on an old RCA Shaded Dog ( I got both the original and the Classic Records Reissue LPs).

    Yes, I play LPs. My Linn LP12 does a marvelous job, thank you. You can keep your polycarbonate aberrations. I prefer vinyl.

    The power of that piano concerto is truly incredible. The feeling, mastery and subtlety are astonishing.

    I love the immediacy, intimacy and touch from the likes of Ravel, but Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto is simply a different animal.

    In fact, it’s hard to type right now because I have the beginning of the second movement coursing through my brain.

  24. tonye

    Fords are imported cars in SoCal.

    Honda and Toyota ( Evil Empire ) are our domestics. Bimmer and Benz are considered in betweeners. Infinity is sort of OK, but Nissan is too plebeian for some reason.

    It’s not a fetish. Our weather is fine, dry hence no rust and we tend to put lots of miles on our cars.

    Of course, I do drive an Odyssey on a daily basis and keep the TL for weekends. My wife drives a Honda Civic Hybrid on the car pool lane. It does wonder for her 80 mile round trip commute.

    Besides, have you ever driven a car that had a redline of 8100 rpm and still lasted perfect for 100K miles? Can you spell Honda?

    Fusion? Hmm…. IMHO you should have gotten an Accord 4cyl EX with the AT5. It gets better mileage and has more effective power. Plus it handles better, has better brakes, better quality parts and will return a much better resale value.

    It’s OK, in three years when the fusion rusts, go get an Accord.

    Oh…. Saturn? The anti car. The car for people that don’t care for cars.

  25. lawyerliz

    Whatduyah mean, old guy?

    I bet you are a sweet young thang compared to me. I’m so old I learned to type on a manual typewriter. I’m so old, I predate Wite-out.
    I’m so old I know how to use a record player. I’m so old, I watched Star Trek’s each new episode eagerly when they first came out. I’m so old I watched the black and white Perry Masons when THEY first came out. I’m so old, my family didn’t get their first tv until I was 2. I’m so old that my family didn’t have credit cards. We did have a thing called a chargaplate, which could be used in the 5 big downtown dept stores.


    And while I’m on this riff, we didn’t have:

    more than one phone, more than one tv, a microwave, a vaccuum cleaner, a clothes dryer (hung the clothes in the basement or outdoors on clothes lines, air conditioners, (we used fans) more than one car and naturally no computers, cell phones, and other stuff that’s become available recently. My grandmother canned tomatoes we grew. In the middle of Baltimore, which wasn’t as poor as it rapidly became.

    And you know what? We weren’t poor. We owed nobody. We weren’t unhappy. We had shares in the stock mkt. We paid cash for a car, about every 5 years.

    I did not walk 5 miles in the snow, both ways uphill. I either walked (took 10 minutes), or took a bus home, if I was feeling lazy. It was a 5 minute walk to the library. A 10 minute walk to an Olympic sized public pool. There were 3 movie houses, one within walking distance also (which was very run down) and 2 within an easy bus ride. Of course, the movies all had only one theater. We were also within a 5 or ten minute walk of a roller skating rink, several shopping areas with wonderful Jewish delis, several churches and Synagogues a funeral parlor, a public school, my Catholic one, a Talmudic Academy, the public school playground, a park with tennis courts, and green space. I was warned not to speak to strangers, and not to chase my ball into the street. As a preteen, one of the first malls in the country opened within walking distance. And here’s the thing that the young’ens find it most difficult to believe. Tho we had the paper delivered, if you didn’t and wanted one, the Sunpapers dropped twine wrapped batches of papers on the corner, you dropped your 5 or 10 cents on top the pile, and somebody came along later and picked up the money and the unwanted papers. I swear this is true. I don’t remember what they did when it rained or snowed.

    Because people walked around, there were few fat people. I know, I was a fat kid.

    As far as I know, there was no city planning. Some of the delis were in the first floor of houses. If ugly old Baltimore could have this many resouces available in a normal middle class neighborhood, why are our surroundings so impoverished now? Things were very dense, but not as dense as some of the stuff you’re showing in Irvine.

    It was not heaven. The lack of air conditioning was horrible in the summer. I do not want to reprise my childhood. Medical care (if you have health insurance and know what kind of care you need) is sooo much better. And all the electronic goodies. But is my being able to talk to you guys worth the trade off of not living in a neighborhood with front porches, where, on summer evenings the neighbors walked back and forth chatting with each other?

    You all are far more interesting than those long ago neighbors. But I’m still not sure of the answer.

  26. lawyerliz


    And my 2 previous Tauri went 204 and then 237,000 miles, and I did not take good care of them either. Neither rusted, even in our damp, damp, damp weather. Let me see, I think the last one was 8 or 9 years old when it got too dangerous to drive. I really wanted to get it up to 250,000.

    I really love driving a junker, a reliable junker that is. I don’t have to care about dents and dings, or if I spill the coffee (freshly ground etc, etc, I do love my coffee and am willing to spend money on it.) If some expensive car comes too close, I don’t care, ready or not, here I come.

    I care nothing for resale value. Nobody in their right mind would want a car after I’m done with it.

    What’s a TL?

  27. lawyerliz

    I’m going to go bake some cookies and commune with my car-indifferent hub before he gets too mad at me for sitting in front of the computer for too long. Did I mention I’ve been married for 40, gosh coming up on 41 years.

    Oh, by the way, my daughter who never got her driver’s license, lives in Boston and has no car at all? My son was about to be roped into buying a fancy truck, while he was in the army, and I went off like a volcano, and he took the truck back to the dealership, for which he is now very grateful, and no he is not appeasing me. I asked him, did he or didn’t he want to get out of the army, and did he want to be a debt slave? He rather does need a new car now, or will in a few more years.

    Even by my standards, he will need a new car shortly.

  28. tonye

    Acura TL.

    You ought to try one.

    The stereo is as good or better than the Lexus Levinson system.

    The ride is very nice too.

    Just watch for the cops. The TL will gobble road at 100 mph+ all day long. And it’ll do it so well that you won’t even know how fast you’re going.

    It’s not a boat like a Lexus or Toyota.

  29. tonye

    Our first TV was a black and white Marconi. I was five when they brought it in.

    We had a tube Telefunken short wave radio. It was sooo cool.

    You had to schedule a long distance phone call.

    My extended family, being wholesalers, dealt in cash or by merchant credit only. They knew us.

    I Love Lucy was on TV, in Castilian. Lucy spoke Castilian Spanish, Ricky spoke Cuban Spanish.

    BTW, in the John Wayne movies, The Duke spoke Castilian, the banditos all spoke Mexican.

    And Lucy, The Duke, Jerry Lewis… all of them thpoke like a Thpaniard with a proper Lithp. 😉

    Went to Catholic shool too. All boys.

    After that, I’m tho thcrewed up. ;-D

  30. lawyerliz

    I went to a Catholic girls high school. The nuns were mean, but not overtly sexual. Or, they didn’t like me!!!

    Were you an altar boy?

    What country was this? Spain, Id guess, if the main characters were speaking Castillian.

    Well the banditos ought to speak Mexican, seeing as they were supposed to be Mexican. Fascinating the accent they chose for
    the Duke. I wonder what accents for the good guys was chosen for dubbing in, say, South American countries. Or, maybe they chose Castillian, if Spain still has prestige there, if it ever had prestige there, among persons of non-Spanish descent.

  31. lawyerliz

    With gas over 3 bucks a gallon, I am driving at 72-75, on my way up and down, instead of my usual 79.99999. Cops almost never stop you if you’re under 80. That being so, why would I want a car that went over a hundred? Gadzooks, what is gas selling for there?

    The hub and I between us have totalled 5 cars. Don’t want to do it again. The last one he totalled was a Chevy Nova. He still misses that Nova. Some idiot drove out of her driveway right into him. Don’t want to be tempted to drive it 100. I don’t think I ever got a car up to 100 in my whole life, even when I was young and reckless.

  32. tonye

    Depends. They run from 20K for a 4 cyl DX all the way to 31K for an EX V6 MT6 Coupe.

    Either way they retain their resale value like crazy, don’t break down and handle quite well.

    In Irvine, the Accord is sort of down market. 😛 The TL passes by and the Odyssey does fine in a sea of Benzes, Bimmer and Lexus SUVs. 😛

    However, my wife’s Civic Hybrid has as much or more cachet as the Benzes and Bimmers. I guess the car pool stickers say it all:

    [i]”It’s better to do 50 mph on the carpool lane in my 120 bhp car than 5 mph in your 500 bhp teutonic Valhalla on wheels”[/i]

  33. tonye

    I dunno about Latin America. We waited until we had airplanes to emigrate to the New World. Beats spending two weeks in a ship and coming to New York. Instead, we transited through South Carolina, Texas and California until we hit Hawaii.

    How’s that for a cool way to emigrate? Doing the Boeing! Boeing! Avoiding the Yankees and settling where the Japanee are the main group. Woohoo… before Julio Iglesias too.

    In the old country, Castilian was the language spoken by us northerners. The gipsies and riff raff spoke something similar to what they speak in Mejico. Of course, today Catalan is the preferred -and allowed- public language in God’s Country.

    Even in California, folks like Father Junipero Serra and Senyor Yorba spoke Catalan ( one from Valencia, the other from Barcelona). So, us Catalans have affected California.

    Of course, James Irvine bought the ranch that once belonged to Don Juan Sepulveda. That self made Don and ruffian was several generations removed from Spain and he was a gambler. He lost what today is Irvine due to gambling debts.

  34. tonye

    The reason you don’t want to do 100 is because the cars you’ve been driving should not be driven over 90.

    The nice thing about cars that can do 100++ all day long is that they are very relaxed at the SoCal safe and sane 80mph. Their performance envelope is barely taxed at those speeds and they can stop, turn and move out the way with easy.

    You’re not gonna drive them at 100, but at 70 to 80 they are safe and sane.

    And, at 3.50 a gallon for premium I’m happy we have HONDAs…. What me worry about the cost of gas… we have HONDAs…. ;=D

  35. lawyerliz

    Too much money. He intends to go to grad school next year and his income, which he can live on very nicely as it stands, is about equal to the car price. He is a psych grad last summer summa cum laude, and has a job (which I personally would hate) at a methadone clinic. He feels that he is doing more good than harm there, and is learning a tremendous amount.

    Some friends are amazed he got the job with just a bachelor’s.

    He only owes $2000 in school loans and a tiny bit on a credit card. He’ll probably have to go into debt for grad school, depending where he goes. Thank god he doesn’t want to get a medical degree.

    The hub and I believe in help on undergrad, but once you are done there, you’re on your own.

  36. lawyerliz

    If I remember correctly, Catalan is a separate romance language? I was thinking of taking a cruise from Barcelona, and seeing how much Spanish I could understand, but then read the native language was Catalan. How close is it to Spanish?

    I can actually understand more Italian than Cuban, never having studied Italian, because the Italians “sing” their language which gives me a shot at understanding.

  37. tonye

    Catalan is sufficiently different from Spanish that you won’t understand much of it.

    OTOH, Catalans also speak Castilian and most young ones speak english as well.

    It may be romantic but I’m afraid that it doesn’t automatically make me a romantic… so my wife says.

    So, being a “foreigner” they’ll take care of you. Barcelona -my hometown- is a beautiful city. Gaudi, Picasso, Dali, etc…. then you can visit the 1000 year old King’s Palace (before Castile) and the 2000 year old ruins.

    Just make sure to hold on to your purse in the old City and Las Ramblas. There are too many “gipsies” around that place.

    Check out the RE prices over in Europe. They are also being hit but it makes Irvine, heck even Manhattan, dirt cheap. An 800 sq foot, 3b/2ba flat in a good part of the city will run well over 1MIL…. before the recent dollar devaluation.!!!!

  38. WW

    I work as a Reverse Mortgage Broker and talk with senior citizens every day. People do not have a clue of what is happening out there today. I think that thousands of seniors will be loosing their homes as their mortgages re-set to higher interest rates. Talked to a prospect last week in Sun City who re-financed their house in 2005 with a $420,000 appraisal and 75% loan to value loan. Their current payment on the $315,000 loan was approximately $1,100 with about another $1,000 going negative. When I had my appraiser look at the property he told me that today’s value is only $260,000 to $290,000. This person and many like her will be loosing their homes over the next couple of years.

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