Irvine's Rancho San Joaquin

Rancho San Joaquin is a small Irvine Village comprised mostly of high density residential housing. What makes this Village unique is the abundance of recreational activities.

Rancho San Joaquin Map

Rancho San Joaquin is bounded by Culver Drive, Michelson Drive, University Drive, and Harvard Avenue. It forms a buffer area between residential developments to the east and the commercial area on Jamboree and the Newport Bay wash to the west.

Rancho San Joaquin Irvine Historical Museum

The Irvine Historical Museum is located here. Did you even know it existed?

Rancho San Joaquin Senior Center

There is an active senior center.

Rancho San Joaquin Sign 2

The Racquet Club of Irvine calls Rancho San Joaquin home.

Rancho San Joaquin Racquet club

Clubhouse at the racquet club.

Rancho San Joaquin Golf Club 1

The Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course is here.

Rancho San Joaquin Golf Club 2

The property has nice views of the Airport area developments.

Rancho San Joaquin Golf Club 3

The course is open to the public and receives a great deal of play.

Rancho San Joaquin Golf Club 4

Par 3 # 13. Don’t be short or right.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 1

One of my favorite places in (or near) Rancho San Joaquin is Boomers.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 2

The local kids play castle.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 3

Speed climbing wall.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 4

Laser tag.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 5

Batting cages.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 6

Go carts for small kids.Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 7

Carnival rides for all ages.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 8

Go carts for older kids and the young at heart.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 10

Landscaped mini-golf.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 11

Bumper boats.

Rancho San Joaquin Apartments 1

The high density housing includes Rancho San Joaquin Apartments. Some have nice golf course views.

Rancho San Joaquin Apartments 2

There is an internal waterway winding through the community.

Rancho San Joaquin Apartments 3

The Villas townhome community.

Rancho San Joaquin House 1

There are a variety of condos.

Rancho San Joaquin House 2

The architecture is nice, but not award winning.

Rancho San Joaquin House 3

Most of the properties are very well kept.

Rancho San Joaquin Sign 3

Rancho San Joaquin is a relatively affordable Irvine neighborhood with an abundance of recreational activities, and it is conveniently located near the Culver / 405 interchange. If you work hard and play hard, this is the Village for you.

Irvine’s Rancho San Joaquin: A great place to live.

8 thoughts on “Irvine's Rancho San Joaquin

  1. Thisblogsavedme100K

    Nice write up. I love playing that golf course. Not too easy not too hard.

    I would think it would be a tough sell for condo owners there… right now.

  2. Major Schadenfreude

    Nice jacaranda shots! One of my favorite trees, unless I’m parked under one.

  3. Jason Ganz

    Great post! I am gonna share it with my own blog readers at ! Thanks.

  4. Darin

    Ummm… did a certain blogger spend the day at Boomers to get all those shots? I’m sure you just went in, took the shots, and left, riiiight? =)

  5. tonye

    Irvine Chevy’s…

    Errr.. Hondas.

    I loved the shot of the Acura TL and Honda Odyssey at Boomers.

    I call them the Honda Chevys… yup… we got one of each too. 😉

    Whatever else you may say, at least we have a sense of value when it comes to cars. None of them fancy leased Bimmers and Benzes like TRidge and Newport, eh?

  6. Ken

    Ah memories–as young teens back in the early 80’s friends and I used to raise spare cash in the summer by swimming the water traps, fishing balls out of the muck, then selling them by the tees near Culver. An hour or so of work was usually enough to fund a day’s activities, often consisting of lunch at the Carl’s Jr and video games at the bowling alley. Interestingly never caught any flack from the course workers (though we kept our bikes handy in case we needed to make a getaway), but invariably some golfer would claim “oh that’s my ball, I’m not going to pay you for that”. Our standard solution if they persisted in such an argument was to toss it back in the pond.

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