Irvine's Westpark

Westpark Sign 5

Irvine’s Westpark is a large community west of Woodbridge forming a buffer between the business and industrial area around the John Wayne airport and the residential heart of Irvine. The community is bounded by the 405 on the south, Culver Drive to the east, Irvine Center Drive to the north, and both Harvard Avenue or the wash which separates the western office parks from residential Irvine.

Westpark Map

The community is bisected by several cross streets including Main, Alton Parkway, Barranca Parkway, and Warner Avenue. Paseo Westpark is the north/south collector conveying traffic through the community.

Westpark Sign 2

Westpark is the quintessential community of the late 80’s and 90’s. It’s curvilinear streets, large, front-loaded stucco houses of similar size and character, and numerous parks were definitive of the era.

Westpark Street 1

The collector streets are wide, curvilinear and attractively landscaped. Whenever I think of Westpark, I think of John Mellencamp‘s song Little Pink Houses. Drive around Westpark, and you will understand why.

Westpark Pink House 1



Westpark Pink House 2

Westpark Pink House 3

Westpark Pink House 4

Westpark Pink House 5

Westpark Pink House 6

The above sequence was shot in three different, typical neighborhoods. Can you tell them apart?

Westpark Pink House 7

Despite the sameness of the neighborhoods, the individual properties are very attractive.

Westpark Street 2

Most of the local streets are front loaded and not very attractive, but this particular neighborhood is rear-loaded and quite attractive.

Westpark Apartments 1

There are several apartment complexes and condominium apartments.

Westpark Apartments 2

I do not think these glorified apartments sold as condominiums are a good idea. They have a single carport space and open parking. Why would you want to own your apartment?

Westpark Apartments 3

As apartments go, the complexes in Westpark are very nice.

Above is the entrance to San Carlo.

Westpark Apartments 4

San Mateo.

They have a variety of sizes and levels of quality.

Westpark Apartments 5

Santa Rosa.

Westpark Apartments 6

San Remo.

Westpark Apartments 7

Santa Maria.

Not shown above are Villa Coronado, San Leon Villa, San Marco Villa, San Marino Villa, and San Paulo.

Westpark Sign 2

The original village of Westpark is aptly named “Westpark Village One.” It is the only sub-neighborhood in Westpark (that I could find) with its own identity.

Westpark Trails 1

There are not many trails through the neighborhoods of Westpark. it is surprising given the preponderance of them in other early neighborhoods. Westpark is much like other subdivisions of its era except that it has more parks.

Westpark Park 1

Westpark Village One community center.

Westpark Park 2

The park in Village One has all the amenities.

Westpark Park 3



Westpark Park 4

The tot lot looks new.

Westpark Park 5

The pool is large and popular.

Westpark Homes 4

The houses in Village One are unique and more varied than later villages. I found this home particularly unique. Notice the landscaping is part of the house itself.

Westpark Sign 3

The sub-neighborhoods have unique signage, but no name identity.

Westpark Homes 1

An area of higher density condos.

Westpark Street

Another condominium complex.

Westpark Sign 4

Each of the Westpark identity signs is different.

Westpark Homes 2

Another view of the unique alley-loaded neighborhood.

Westpark Homes 3

This neighborhood stands is stark contrast to the garage dominated neighborhoods in Westpark.

Westpark School 1

The schools in Westpark are very highly rated.

Westpark School 2

The school facilities are first-rate.

Westpark School 3

Westpark School 4

Westpark School 5

Westpark Plaza 1

One of two suburban plazas in Westpark is Westpark Plaza.

Westpark Plaza 2

There are plenty of opportunities for entertainment.

Westpark Plaza 3

The suburban plaza is vibrant and well designed.

Westpark Plaza 4

Westpark Plaza 5

The second suburban plaza is in the complex on Barranca Parkway. It is newly renovated, but it still hasn’t caught on with the community.

Westpark Office

There is only office building in Westpark, and it is one of my favorites in Irvine. I used to commute past this building, and I was always impressed with its appearance.

Westpark Park 6

What really gives Westpark its identity is its variety of parks.

Westpark Park 7

San Marco Park.

Westpark Park 8

San Leandro Park is adjacent to an elementary school.

Westpark Park 9

The tot lots are newly renovated.

Westpark Park 10

San Marino park has all the amenities.

Westpark Park 11

Westpark Park 12

The pool is popular with residents.

Westpark Park 13

Santa Clara Park.

Westpark Park 14

Santa Ynez Park.

Westpark Park 15

Plaza Park is also near an elementary school.

Westpark Park 16

Children at play.

Westpark Homes 5

Westpark is also home to a number of very large, beautiful homes.

Westpark Homes 6

Two Mercedes parked in the driveway: Hmmm…

Westpark Homes 7

I like this one.

Westpark Homes 8

If the house is big enough, even a 3-car garage doesn’t dominate the elevation.

Westpark Homes 9

Maybe the song should be Big Pink Houses…

Westpark Sign

Irvine’s Westpark is a large and varied community. There are many different nieghborhoods and many different housing products. The core of Westpark is a series of neighborhoods with very similar housing stock: a collection of little pink houses.

Irvine’s Westpark: a great place to live.

Well theres people and more people

What do they know know know

Go to work in some high rise

And vacation down at the gulf of mexico

Ohhh yeah

And theres winners, and theres losers

But they aint no big deal

cuz the simple man baby pays for the thrills,

The bills and the pills that kill


Oh but aint that america for you and me

Aint that america were someting to see baby

Aint that america, home of the free

Little pink houses for you and me

Oh but aint that america for you and me

Aint that america were someting to see baby

Aint that america, home of the free

Little pink houses for you and me

Little Pink HousesJohn Mellencamp

11 thoughts on “Irvine's Westpark

  1. Irvine Soul Brother

    Thanks for the write-up, IR! Whenever I think “Westpark,” I just sort of shutter. What once looked like fresh yellow stucco, has now yellowed further into rotten corn bread. But, I’m seeing that there are some actually solid houses (I think price per sqft for the mansions is significantly lower than surrounding neighborhoods), and some great amenities as well. “Aisle” have to give Westpark a chance when the time comes.

  2. oc_fliptrack

    Nice… Westpark works. No major traffic kinks, and it has the retail that most people need.

  3. CK

    Nice profile! Reminded me of why I picked Westpark when we made the move to Irvine two years ago. While it is certainly lacks some wow factor of other neighborhoods, it covers all the basics very well — many of which you hit on in this profile. Great central location to all that Irvine offers, all the shopping you ever need at your doorstep, lots of parks and recreation opportunities (I think you forgot to mention Bill Barber Park) — yet it is very quiet and does not feel congested at all. Thanks, IrvineRenter for reminding me how happy I am with this neighborhood. TIC can keep their Orchard Hills and PS way out there in the boonies, I think I’ll take the family for a walk to some open houses in Westpark this afternoon!

  4. Justin

    beautiful pictures! I love that area, very suburban and woodsy, makes you appreciate california living.

  5. Hope To Buy In Irvine Some Year

    Great profile definately a nice area. I noticed the only office building — my Opthamologist Dr. Barbara Sheng who I just saw last week is there.

  6. lendingmaestro

    definitely my least favorite area of Irvine. Pink buildings, tract homes, hot in the summer. Still overall a nice, safe place to live.

  7. IrvineRenter

    I added some additional pictures and fixed a minor technical glitch. The series of pictures on the “little pink houses” was added because without it, you don’t really get a feel for Westpark.

  8. rkp

    Is Paseo Westpark different from Westpark in terms of communities? My cousin lives in Westpark and we went to play tennis and their keys only opened Westpark courts south of Barranca. They told me everything North of Barrance was part of the Paseo Westpark community.

    I always thought that there was only 1 westpark.

  9. carl


    When I worked in NPB, my wife and I used to meet for lunch in Westpark at San Carlo park… there is access there to the wonderful San Diego Creek path from Barranca (I think) all the way to NPB. We had a lot of fun there walking our dog along the path, looking at the various birds that live in the Channel. Maybe you could update with some pictures? It is one of the hidden gems of Irvine.


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