Tragedy at Virginia Tech

As a mom, my heart goes out to all the moms (and dads) whose beloved children were murdered on campus this morning.

Take a minute out of your day today to reflect on your family, your children. They are what really matters.


13 thoughts on “Tragedy at Virginia Tech

  1. GrewUpInIrvine

    Horrible tragedy. I’ve heard on the radio that it may have been almost 2-hours from begining to end (as the gunman traveled from a dorm to the class room where the gunman finally took his own life)… if true, somebody better get fired… it is outrageous in a post-9/11 world that a gunman could wander a campus for 2 hours killing people… I hope that the news has the story wrong.

  2. c@park

    I just have been in the U.S. for 5 years and occasionally heard about these gunman tragedy. I am not still unfit to these news and scared for the fact that anyone can easily use a gun to explode their rage in a public place.

    showing deep mourning to innocent students.


  3. monkey_about_town

    I heard on the radio about 1 hour ago. Yep, the gunman did have almost 2 hours to do his horrible work. I wonder where were campus security.

  4. MarkusArelius

    It will take weeks to sort out what really happened here and what motivated this kind of human disaster.

    Interesting that all of these killers strike out at innocent and defenseless victims, and then take their own cowardly exit.

    Why don’t we just turn the national clock back to 1873 and all carry a sidearms to protect ourselves from these maniacs? Even if we could, we’d probably be outgunned.

    Hearts and prayers need to be with the victims and their families for now.

  5. momopi

    I fear that we give too much media attention/coverage to these deranged individuals who are looking for a bloody exit.

    Last year, we had school schootings at Platte Canyon High School, Weston High School, West Nickel Mines School (the Amish school), and Dawson College (Quebec).

    I dont’ like the idea of sending armed guarsd to even Amish school houses, but this is really getting out of hand.

  6. steve

    The shooter was probably a product of a broken home (over mothered and no father figure). Studies have shown that most male killers (and all misogynists) come from this childhood scenario.

  7. irvinesinglemom

    “The shooter was probably a product of a broken home (over mothered and no father figure). Studies have shown that most male killers (and all misogynists) come from this childhood scenario.”

    Uhm, excuse me?!

  8. momopi

    IMO people don’t just wake up one day, blow their top, and rush out to shoot 50+ people. This shooter had been mentally unstable for many years, and it just accumulated to the breaking point.

    Unlike physical health problems, most people with mental disorders fail to seek treatment for many years. See this chart for example:

    According to this article:
    “Half of those who will ever be diagnosed with a mental disorder show signs of the disease by age 14, and three-quarters by age 24. But few get help.”

    The National Institute of Mental Health claims that 26.2% of all adults (age 18+) in America suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder. We could dispute the figures — it’s in their self-interest to exaggerate the problem. But I cannot dispute the fact that most people won’t seek help until the problem becomes very serious.

    I think, at some point we’re going to have a huge controversy on mandatory psychological evaluation in schools, debate over definition of mental disorders, and your right/freedom to be depressed and angry at the world.

  9. JoeBob

    I agree. People rarely “snap”. They are evil, troubled, or just plain crazy from the outset.

  10. Lost Cause

    Gee, alcohol abuse/dependence is a mental illness, according to this graphic. Somebody better alert the Secret Service. The First Fanatic might go on a rampage.

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