Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Kitchen

Asking Price: $675,000

Purchase Price: $624,500

Purchase Date: 8/19/2005

Address: 75 Chantilly, Irvine, CA 92620

Beds: 2

Baths: 2.5

Sq. Ft.*: 1,824

Year Built: 2005

Stories: 2

Type: Condominium

Neighborhood: Woodbury

$/Sq. Ft.*: $370

MLS: P525538

Status: Active on market

On Redfin: 265 days

Chantilly Lace Flower

The word “Chantilly” brings up many historical and artistic references ranging from a picturesque region in France, to orchids, fine lace, and classic music from the Big Bopper. There is a certain “feel good” quality with Chantilly. However, I don’t think our homedebtors are feeling particularly good about the dead weight they have been carrying for most of the last year: 265 days on the market. Wow!

I know this isn’t rocket science, so what advice would you give someone who has been trying to sell their house for almost a year? Lower the price, perhaps?

Therein lies the problem: They are a flipper, so they have no equity. If they sell for their asking price of $675,000 assuming a 6% commission, they will make exactly $10,000. Of course, they may not be paying a 6% commission. Do you think their relative/realtor will kick back some of the commission?




Chantilly Lace Font

From Redfin: “REDUCED, REDUCED. OWNER IS MOTIVATED WILL CONSIDER ALL OFFERS!!!!!!!Just like new. 1 year old Charming 2bd + office downstairs or possible 3rd bedroom, 2 bath condo. New paint throughout, stainless steel appliances. Spacious bedroom and master suite. Spacious floor plan with great room appeal. French doors go out from kitchen/eating area to balcony. Cozy courtyard. Best priced home in the area. Agent related to the seller. [emphasis mine] OWNER IS MOTIVATED TO SELL.”

Do realtors realize how lame it is when they write in ALL CAPS and put in 7 exclamation points for emphasis? They are ANNOYING!!!!!!! OBNOXIOUS!!!!!!! IRRITATING!!!!!!! AGGRAVATING!!!!!!! Pardon my rant… It needed to be said…

Chantilly bedroom

This seller must be motivated. They are willing to sell real estate without making a huge profit. It has only taken them 265 days to give up their profit. How MOTIVATED!!!!!!!

Just think, for $675,000 you can live in a two bedroom condo with a great view of your neighbor’s bedroom. You better hurry, at only 265 days on the market, this one is going FAST!!!!!!!


Chantilly lace and a pretty face

And a pony tail hanging down

That wiggle in the walk and giggle in the talk

Makes the world go round

Chantilly Lace (YouTube): by The Big Bopper (Wiki)


Road to Chantilly

Road at Chantilly (Web Museum): by Paul C├ęzanne (Wiki)

10 thoughts on “Chantilly Lace

  1. Irvine_Native

    That picture through the window sums up why I will never buy in one of these newer housing tracts. They are all like that. This is Irvine. There is plenty of space. No need to live like sardines.

    Take a look at any condo tract in Woodbridge or Turtle Rock to see how condos should be done. Plenty of space, parking, grass and trees. The days of people blindly buying whatever crap the builders give you are over.

  2. Mr Vincent

    This is what happens when you buy at the top of the market. I think they thought the market would turn around at some point so they could still make a profit. It aint going to happen.

    Anyone else notice the strange color palette on the inside?

    This might be converted to a rental, because the buyer apparently does not want to take a loss on a sale. As a rental they can take a loss every month and get a tax writeoff.

  3. mk9

    According to ZIP
    Price Reduced: 08/05/06 — $778,500 to $765,000
    Price Reduced: 08/11/06 — $765,000 to $748,500
    Price Reduced: 09/04/06 — $748,500 to $725,000
    Price Reduced: 09/12/06 — $725,000 to $705,000
    Price Reduced: 01/10/07 — $705,000 to $665,000
    Price Reduced: 01/11/07 — $665,000 to $650,000
    Price INCREASED: 02/17/07 — $650,000 to $675,000

    So after 200+ days on the market, they decide that LOWERING the price isn’t doing anything, so why not RAISE the price! that’ll sell it quick! how brilliant!!

  4. Justin

    Plenty of land in Irvine not to have to live like this, building condo’s like this is why Irvine still has developable land, they are trying to make the future small and more cramped housing so that more ppl can live per square foot and thus make more profit. It’s all a business model for corporate living.

  5. Aeneid

    Personally, I like a small cozy home. 1800 sf is ideal for me. I definitely prefer a place under 2000 sf for a family of two or three (even four). I prefer nicer quality over larger square footage. What I find pathetic of these new places in Irvine is the pretense to make them look like a single family house. They have all these weird configurations. For example, what the heck is with those “great rooms” ? They are so small but it looks and feels pathetic. Just make them what they are. If they have to be 4 or 5 stories, that should be ok. Just make them spacious (sacrifice the number of bedrooms) and of high quality.

  6. momopi

    Is it just me or does the interior photo looks kinda creepy?

    It’s a new construction… IMO it should be nice and bright, and not dungeon-like.

    As for lot/yard space, personally I don’t really care so long as the HOA has good amendities. When I lived with my parents we had a decent sized yard that was a royal pain to maintain, and I think we bought 3 different grills over a decade, each was left to rust after 2-3 uses.

    I like my HOA taking care of the common lawn/park areas and maintaining the grills, pools, and jacuzzi’s. I only use them few times a year anyway, so having all that in my personal backyard would’ve been a waste. I’d be happy with just a side yard where I can plant a dwarf lemon tree.

  7. Justin

    smaller is better, that’s the trend of housebuilding. association ammenties is a good concept, especially since they are rarely used.

    it is new construction, which walls are shared? just the entry it looks like, that’s almost the same thing as single family home.

    small families = smaller homes

    new construction takes this into account, i think the great room is like a dual/multi purpose room, kind of like living/dining/den combined. activity specific rooms are a remnant of the upper-class structure of the 1900’s, construction is catching up with this once again.

    00’s = multi function rooms
    1900’s= individual task rooms (dining, living, media, study etc.)

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