IrvineRenter joins the Irvine Housing Blog!

Yup, he’s officially joined the team! If you don’t know who IrvineRenter is, check out several of his forum posts. He’s been pretty active on the blogosphere and has made some great contributions. But I’ll let him introduce himself in more detail. For now, let’s all give him a warm welcome!


10 thoughts on “IrvineRenter joins the Irvine Housing Blog!

  1. Aeneid


    Thanks for all the contributions. This blog rocks. I have been much more of a lurker than a contributer to this blog.

    And many thanks to Irvinesinglemom and Zoval for making this website a fun site.

  2. graphrix

    Irvinerenter will add even more to an already great blog. His posts have consistently been insightful and I am usually on the same page with him. Welcome and I look forward to your posts.

  3. ohnelly

    This is great news! Glad to hear you’re contributing in this capacity, IrvineRenter. I’ve enjoyed your comments and posts – you’ve had some great information to offer.

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