Attached, Detached, or Single Family Residence

When you ask people what matters most in the house they will buy, they will pick floor plan. If you ask me, there is one more decision to make before you set out to buy. Attached, detached or Single Family Residence. All Irvine villages offer the three choices. Today, we will compare three properties around the same square feet area in the village of Woodbury. One of them is an attached condominium that shares common wall with neighbors, and one of them is a detached condominium that doesn’t have any shared wall, and the other one is a single family residence.

15 Herringbone, Irvine CA 92620

(Attached Condominium)

55 Plantation, Irvine, CA 92620

(Detached Condominium)

28 Rising Sun, Irvine CA 92620

(Single Family Residence)

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the three properties:

15 Herringbone

Irvine, CA 92620


55 Plantation

Irvine, CA 92620


28 Rising Sun

Irvine, CA 92620

(Single Family Residence)

Listing Price




Beds/ bath

3 Beds/ 3 Baths

3 Beds/2.75 Baths

3 Beds/ 2.5 Baths





Price/ SF








Year Built




Previous sale

$680,000 in Jan 2008

Listed for $31,200 less than the last sale

$669,880 in Dec 2007

Listed for $59,120 more than the last sale

$986,500 in Jun 2006

Listed for $157,612 less than the last sale

Floor Plan

Builders Tract Name:

la Casella

Builders Tract Code: LACA

Builders Model Name:


Builders Model Code: 2

Builders Tract Name: Stonetree

Builders Tract Code: WDST

Builders Model Code: 1

Builders Tract Name:


Builders Tract Code: WDPT

Builders Name: California Pacific Homes

Builders Model Code: 2

Type of Sale




Elementary School

Woodbury Elementary School

API Rank: 9

API Growth: 918

Middle School

Sierra Vista Middle School

API Rank: 10

API Growth: 948

High School

Northwood High School

API Rank: 10

API Growth: 908

Down payment




Monthly mortgage, assuming 20% down payment, and 30 YR Fixed at 4.0%




Home Owner’s Dues





$3,732 Annually

$311 Monthly

$4053 Annually

$338 Monthly

$4598 Annually

$383 Monthly

Property Tax (1.0595%)

$6874 Annually

$573 Monthly

$7724 Annually

$644 Monthly

$8782 Annually

$732 Monthly

Fixed Monthly Cost of owning




Which one would you buy? What are the factors that help you decide? In a village where 62% of homes have offered a price reduction of about 6%, will you buy your house now, or wait for the summer of 2012?

The median sold price of the homes has dropped 29.3% in the past year in Woodbury. Will it drop further this summer? The rate of unemployment is headed south in Irvine. Will that help the housing market? What do you think?

One thought on “Attached, Detached, or Single Family Residence

  1. irvine_home_owner

    Considering that $828k is actually on the high side of those Portisol homes (there have been a few closes at $750k), I would go for the SFR.

    Lower HOA and probably better resale value in the long run.

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