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What’s Happening with Orangetree Estate?

Mar 6th, 2012 by Sylvia Walker 

Previously, I took a look at the condition of the real estate market in Irvine’s most expensive housing market, Shady Canyon. That was the highs; today it’s the lows. In other words, today I will write about one of Irvine’s most inexpensive housing markets, Orangetree.

Orangetree is in the 92618 ZIP code. This contains the Oak Creek, Stonegate, and Portola Springs neighborhoods as well as the planned Great Park neighborhoods. Therefore, the price of homes in this ZIP code varies greatly. Orangetree is the most affordable neighborhood in this ZIP as well as in much of Irvine. In spite of being one of Irvine’s most affordable communities, Irvine’s most recent housing element grades the condition of housing in this area with an A. The housing element concludes that this may be due to the existence of the homeowner’s association, which has fees range from approximately $200 to $350. Orangetree is located near Irvine Valley College, Irvine Spectrum, the Irvine Metro train station, and Oak Creek Golf Course as well as the Orange County Great Park.

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The Neighborhood of University Hills

Feb 22nd, 2012 by nilam 

University Hills is the University of California, Irvine's campus housing community for individuals holding full time employement at UCI.  Seeing some of the homes in University HIlls from Bonita Canyon makes me want to get a job at UCI.  Part of the appeal is that it's kind of exclusive.  It's not like other parts of Irvine where (as long as you have enough money), you can buy or rent in any neighborhood.  The other draw is that the homes are so said to be much more affordable than their equivalents down the street in other parts of Irvine. 

According to the Irvine Campus Housing Authority website, "University generally regarded as the most successful on-campus housing program of its kind in the country."  It is an academic community in residence to provide affordable housing to eligible full time employees of the University of California, Irvine. University HIlls is located on the South end of campus, and is bordered by Anteater Drive, Los Trancos Drive, Gabrielino Drive, Vista Bonita Drive and California Avenue. 

Community Map

Note: Information from

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The Village of Rancho San Joaquin

Feb 8th, 2012 by zovall 

zovall: The post below is written by Michelle Jones

The village of Rancho San Joaquin is a quiet community that provides a nice escape from the nearby commercial area.  It is surrounded by Culver Drive, Michelson Drive, University Drive, and Harvard Avenue.  It is right around the corner from the Culver/405 interchange.

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The Village of Woodbridge

Jan 23rd, 2012 by Wendy Larson 

Wendy Larson has lived in Irvine for over twelve years. She graduated from Woodbridge High School, took some courses at Irvine Valley College and eventually graduated from Penn State University as the Student Marshal with Highest Distinction. After graduation, Wendy was awarded a teaching assistantship in the South of France. After a year of working abroad Wendy moved back to Irvine. She is currently a Senior Operational Trainer at a health care company in Costa Mesa. Wendy spends her free time writing, public speaking and mentoring individuals looking to improve their speaking skills.

Located in one of the most picturesque areas of Irvine, Woodbridge Village offers distinct housing communities, charming views and an atmosphere that appeals to families, couples and singles alike. Nestled between the major streets of Jeffrey and Culver, and intersected by Barranca Parkway (North Lake) and Alton (South Lake), Woodbridge Village is situated around two gorgeous lakes and is convenient to all community amenities.

The residential communities consist of a mixture between single family residences, condos and apartments. Take a drive on East Yale Loop and West Yale Loop to get a scope of the residential neighborhoods within Woodbridge Village. This area is intrinsically unique in look and feel from the rest of Irvine. Much of the community is maintained by the Woodbridge Village Association, to which residents must pay homeowner’s association dues. The Association owns and operates 41 recreational facilities and does a great job ensuring these facilities are clean and well landscaped for all to enjoy.

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The Village of Turtle Ridge

Jan 9th, 2012 by nilam 

Note by zovall: This post is written by my wife, Nilam.  She took some pictures around Turtle Ridge and provided some thoughts on the area.  We'd love to hear your comments on Turtle Ridge as well as her first post.

Located on the southernmost border of Irvine, Turtle Ridge is one of the city's few hillside villages.  Unlike most areas of Irvine, Turtle Ridge does not have a commercial shopping center, nor does it have any office or industrial buildings.  It is almost exclusively residential, with a few exceptions.  Turtle Ridge's borders are Bonita Canyon Dr. and Shady Canyon to the north, the 73 Freeway to the south, and Bommer Canyon to the east.  It neighbors University Hills, Turtle Rock, and Newport Coast, which means it has close access to UCI, Fashion Island and the beach.

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Irvine’s Rancho San Joaquin

Jul 1st, 2007 by IrvineRenter 

Rancho San Joaquin Sign 1

Rancho San Joaquin is a small Irvine Village comprised mostly of high density residential housing. What makes this Village unique is the abundance of recreational activities.

Rancho San Joaquin Map

Rancho San Joaquin is bounded by Culver Drive, Michelson Drive, University Drive, and Harvard Avenue. It forms a buffer area between residential developments to the east and the commercial area on Jamboree and the Newport Bay wash to the west.

Rancho San Joaquin Irvine Historical Museum

The Irvine Historical Museum is located here. Did you even know it existed?

Rancho San Joaquin Senior Center

There is an active senior center.

Rancho San Joaquin Sign 2

The Racquet Club of Irvine calls Rancho San Joaquin home.

Rancho San Joaquin Racquet club

Clubhouse at the racquet club.

Rancho San Joaquin Golf Club 1

The Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course is here.

Rancho San Joaquin Golf Club 2

The property has nice views of the Airport area developments.

Rancho San Joaquin Golf Club 3

The course is open to the public and receives a great deal of play.

Rancho San Joaquin Golf Club 4
Par 3 # 13. Don't be short or right.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 1

One of my favorite places in (or near) Rancho San Joaquin is Boomers.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 2

The local kids play castle.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 3

Speed climbing wall.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 4

Laser tag.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 5

Batting cages.
Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 6

Go carts for small kids.Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 7

Carnival rides for all ages.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 8

Go carts for older kids and the young at heart.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 10

Landscaped mini-golf.

Rancho San Joaquin Boomers 11

Bumper boats.
Rancho San Joaquin Apartments 1

The high density housing includes Rancho San Joaquin Apartments. Some have nice golf course views.

Rancho San Joaquin Apartments 2

There is an internal waterway winding through the community.

Rancho San Joaquin Apartments 3

The Villas townhome community.

Rancho San Joaquin House 1

There are a variety of condos.

Rancho San Joaquin House 2

The architecture is nice, but not award winning.

Rancho San Joaquin House 3

Most of the properties are very well kept.

Rancho San Joaquin Sign 3

Rancho San Joaquin is a relatively affordable Irvine neighborhood with an abundance of recreational activities, and it is conveniently located near the Culver / 405 interchange. If you work hard and play hard, this is the Village for you.

Irvine's Rancho San Joaquin: A great place to live.

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Irvine’s The Ranch

Jun 16th, 2007 by IrvineRenter 

The Ranch Sign 1

Another Irvine village which is not widely known is The Ranch.

The Ranch Map

The Ranch is bounded by Yale Avenue, Irvine Center Drive, Jeffrey Road and the railroad tracks. It is north or Woodbridge and East of Deerfield. The communities of Windwood, Deerfield and The Ranch form a gradient of decreasing housing densities and increasing house sizes. With the exception of the condominium complex of Smoketree, the Ranch is almost exclusively large, single-family detached housing.

The Ranch Brady Bunch

There is a mixture of one and two story houses. This one is your typical "American Dream" home with a white picket fence.

The Ranch main entry

The main entry off of Irvine Center Drive features an attractive greenspace park.

The Ranch Parks Map

There are not many parks or amenities in The Ranch. The main greenspace features of the community are the preserved windrows which have been used to link the various neighborhoods together with the central park and recreation space.

Ranch Hedgerow

The preserved hedgerows gave the community instant maturity.

The Ranch Path 1

The pathways are attractive and inviting.

The Ranch Path 2

These are large, mature eucalyptus trees.

The Ranch Park

All the greenspace corridors lead to the central park area.

The Ranch Park 2

The greenspace is large, but it is not used for formal sports activities.


The Ranch Path 3

There is another park on the east side of The Ranch separating it from Smoketree.

The Ranch Park 3

There is another children's tot lot.

The Ranch Park 4

Between the houses and the railroad tracks is a wide buffer for power lines which is used as a bike trail.

The Ranch Park 5

This sets the homes a considerable distance away from the railroad tracks.

The Ranch House 1

Large houses are common in The Ranch. Perhaps not this large...

The Ranch House 2

The houses all display pride in ownership.

The Ranch House 3

There is a variety of architectural styles.

The Ranch House 5

I liked this one with its boulder landscaping.

The Ranch House 6

The wide lots permit houses with elevations wide enough not to be dominated by a three car garage.

The Ranch Sign 2

The Ranch is a perfect village for a homeowner who wants a large home on a large lot with minimal park facilities and a no mello roos or HOA fee. This neighborhood is atypical for Irvine in that regard.

Irvine's The Ranch: a great place to live.


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